The art of sabering a Champagne bottle!

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Champagne saber
Photo: Slartibartfass, Wikimedia Commons


Among the Pleasures of the table, Champagne ‒ that rhymes with party ‒ holds a special place. The festive season is soon to come and if (almost) anyone can open a bottle, “sabering a champagne bottle” needs to be done according to traditions.



To impress your guests, follow the advices of Emmanuel Delmas, French blogger and sommelier who loves his job. Not only does he shares with us his knowledge in oenology, along with the wines and vineyards he’s discovered, but also his savoir-faire, acquired while working in prestigious restaurants.

(…) The origin of the word “saber” goes back a few centuries. For the saber contributed to the splendor of military celebrations. It was traditional to open the champagne bottle with a saber.


















The cork would pop and the precious liquid would gush out. This tradition seems to be over, yet it goes on in the major Champagne houses, certain military institutions, or more simply, at wine events in the Champagne region.
How to saber a bottle of champagne?



Photo: Champagne Dumangin

Saber a champagne bottle is impressive and spectacular. However, this is not very difficult.
We must use what is called a “lighter” saber, short and stocky, used by the infantry
The blade of the saber must follow the seam running up the sides and should hit the lower lip of the neck.
Never forget that the cork pops under the combined effects of champagne pressure and saber clash.
Therefore the gesture must be swift, sharp and safe. It is important not to stop it but to let it go to the end.




Some precautions:

It is useless to emphasize on the fact that a saber is a dangerous weapon. Do not put yourself on the path of the cork!
Children are not entitled to try to saber … And, finally, consume with moderation.




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Vicky Wine 02/01/2011 11:15

Great article Emmanuel, I was not so sure about using the expression "sabrer une bouteille" in English, Now I know this and even more :D

Bonne Année!

Emmanuel DELMAS 02/01/2011 11:40

Merci Vicky ! Et excellente année à toi aussi, la santé et le meilleur !


Laurent Vins Confédérés 31/12/2010 14:33

Pour ma part, je ne réveillonne pas (jamais). La fiesta du 31/12 au 01/01 ce n'est pas mon truc. De toute façon, je dois être opérationnel demain et après-demain au boulot.

Emmanuel DELMAS 31/12/2010 14:33

Nous sommes 2 alors ! Avancer sur "Au service du Vin" no 3.

Laurent Vins confédérés 31/12/2010 14:27

Tu es assez porté sur la castagne, non ? C'est Prince of Persia qui te met dans cet état ? ;-) Excellente année Manu. Vive Felice !

Emmanuel DELMAS 31/12/2010 14:28

L'an prochain pour les voeux, faut jamais les exprimer avant, cela porte poisse...;-(